Empowering Amnesty International to become self sufficient in delivering meaningful growth

As an accelerator team within Amnesty International, the Global Movement Growth team are on a mission to help priority countries around the world to achieve ambitious supporter acquisition and retention targets. In order to achieve this, they needed to replicate the accelerator’s success globally and provide a sustainable vision for future growth.

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Alongside Amnesty International, we created a sustainable growth blueprint for the expansion of their accelerator programme, outlining the method they will move forwards with, and a roadmap to build upon.

Based on community and co-ownership, this sustainable and user-centered initiative has set out and developed the capabilities which each country should embed, by providing coaching and self-service learning through tools and content created during our collaboration. The initiative has also established key success measures, aiming to unlock future resources.

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Creating sustainable growth

Through an iterative Design Thinking approach, priority MVP-style (Minimum Viable Product), content was identified and designed. By developing two content tracks — ‘I know what I want’ and ‘I know what problem to solve’, we were able to:

  • Cater for different degrees of maturity around the world.
  • Help individuals to quickly fulfil directives or resource recommendations from peers and leaders.
  • Tell the whole story, providing context for what, when and why tools should be used, without being unnecessarily overbearing.

The Growth Maturity blueprint overlays movement-wide, growth team and headquarter interests into a single working model, aimed at supporting growth and maximising the resources available. Special attention was paid to developing self-sufficiency within priority countries, and developing future leaders who could informally augment the core team by delivering coaching and mentoring.

It was important to house this resource in one easy to access and centralised place, so in collaboration with other Amnesty International departments, the team adapted a branded template site, known internally as ‘the Alpha site’, to build a simple, multi-lingual, working website in just one day.

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