Our Culture Code

We’ve got that SPARCK!

Our people are our special sauce and our culture holds us together.

We are SPARCK, the creative spark of BJSS. We combine the design skills of a creative agency with the technical capability of an experienced consultancy, which means we don’t just design amazing products and services, we deliver them too!

We spend a lot of time talking about what makes us who we are. This is because we bring our culture to our clients and it rubs off.

Just like everything at SPARCK, our culture is organic and it’s always evolving. We actively seek to nurture it as it helps us to become a better company, a better team and deliver better work for our clients.

We put people first

Because we’re humans, not robots.
We put people and users at the heart of every decision that we make. We’re dedicated to creating solutions to real world problems that work for real people.

We ignite new thinking

Because the world needs new solutions to old problems.

We bring creativity, energy and innovative thinking to create step-out change with our clients. We embrace a “try-fail-learn-improve’ mindset which means we jump into each challenge with an open mind.

We design to deliver

Because change needs to be actionable.

We believe that ideas alone are cheap. We approach everything we do with an end outcome in mind, which means getting something into the hands of end users.

What makes us, us?

SPARCK is a collective of curious and talented people and brings together a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personalities. We embrace our differences because they make us stronger as a team, and as designers. 

But there are a few values which tie us together and sum up our culture.


We take action

We move fast and learn a lot by taking action. We believe it’s better to adopt a “fail fast” mentality and make a wrong decision, than to make no decision at all.


We embrace ambiguity, and adapt

Methodologies and principles guide us, but we aren’t wedded to the process. We’re comfortable ripping up the rulebook from time to time. 


We're masters of collaboration

We work openly and in partnership our clients. This means taking our clients along every step of the design journey – no one is ever left behind! 


We have fun, it’s the key to creativity

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe that creativity is fuelled by positivity – this means we’re fun to be around and have around.


We believe in trust, not control

We hire brilliant people and trust them to deliver. We create supportive communities that empower our people to share, learn and grow. 


We support each other & grow together

We’re all in this together. SPARCK is a place for your voice to be heard. We bring ourselves to work and build our future together.