What makes us, us

SPARCK is a collective of curious and talented people and brings together a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personalities. We embrace our differences because they make us stronger as a team, and as designers.

Our team laughing at SPARCK Summit 2019

Our Manifesto

Our culture code

We put people first.
Because we’re humans, not robots.

We ignite new thinking
Because the world needs new solutions to old problems.

We design to deliver
Because change needs to be actionable.

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Diversity & Inclusion

As an organisation we have a 3 pronged approach to build an inclusive culture that supports diversity.

Diversity is about quantity, inclusion is about quality…Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance

We are currently working with:

  • Mentor Black Businesses
  • YSYS
  • Creativity Work
  • Generation Success